Thursday, November 24, 2011

Breaking Through Semester 2!

i've got to work hard for this semester 2 . i don't want to get another 2.75 again. i'm a bit jealous to those who get 3.50 and above but oh well congratulation to them.i am not sure weather this course is hard or am i the one make it hard. my writing skill got to build and especially presentation. i am so suck when it comes to that. work hard! that is all in my mind now.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Things that i have bought

Last week i have bought Hatsune Miku Wig! yay! but the costume haven't been done yet. hurmm. hopefully i can get it done before the Comic Fiesta 2011. :)

Reading Skill Exam

tdi exam reading skill. hurmm. boleh la jawab but keluar awl lak tdi. haih. tak penah2 aku kluar awl sbb dlm dewan tu sejuk. now re'dhor je la keputusan ape aku dpt. #stab stab#

Monday, August 15, 2011

Steamboat ForeverYoung

YAY! pada 13.8.2011 satu buka puasa bersama2 ngan group forever young tlah di adakan.sebanyak 24org yg hadirkan diri mereka. best la sbb ade cooperative .hehe. yang tak kerje pun sanggup redah je kan.It is a lot of fun. Next time boleh la buat lagi yer looking forward to it.haha.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Dolly Doll

i think the "doll" is just the right word for me because when some one is bored or been left alone she/he will find and talk to me but when they got a thing to kill some time i will be ignore.Just like a doll.When some one is bored they will play with the doll to just to entertain them self even though they knew it was boring to play with. This is why i said that i'm just like a doll. Anyone will find me when they have nothing to do but i will try get use to that situation.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


YEAH! today it's my happy day.for the first time my date is at the National Zoo Kuala Lumpur.Around 11a.m i arrive at the National Zoo.It was kinda fun to date there once in a while.The last year that i visited the National Zoo is when i was in form 4 and for he it was like when he was in the primary school.It was quite long.The whether is kind of hot but i don't mind it.HAHA.i'm sweating very badly.After we round'up the National Zoo then we went to the One Utama,Damansara to catch some movie.At first we going to watch the "Mr.Popper Penguin" for the second time but the showtime is kind of late so we switch it to "HANNA" it's not that bad the story line.The most i enjoy today is that i get to snap a LOOOOTTT of picture of him. =3.It's a very rare things to happen.hohoho.let it be a secret to my self.hehe.i don't want to share the pcture.i want to keep it own my own!HAHAHA.IT MINE!!ALL MINE!! *with evil voices*.hahaha. Excited! xD

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Assignment ~

Stay up ngan my mmbr that is aisya and ruqayya but malangnye aisya dah tumbang dlu tinggal la aku and ruqayya jer.agak penat yer stay up wat assignment miss maria uh.haih.ramai gler tak siap.macam2 aku and ruqayya buat.tergelak mlm2.muke masing2 konon je serious padahal mcm bangang jer.hahaha.well in the end we all nye assignment tak siap sepenuh nyer.